1. Hello Natasha. I really really love your photos and I followed you on Instagram. I am pretty sure you won’t read this but … whatever, at least I try it. I’m a girl from Germany and I’ve been following you since one year now, every picture you upload is perfect, YOU are perfect und Devin is also a wonderfully beautiful person. So I follow both of you. Today I asked myself why you weren’t posting photos with that man from half a year ago or so. I scrolled down to get on his instagram page and saw, that he didn’t upload pictures with you as well. I wanted to know what happened between you, probably you split up. I didn’t want to get an answer of YOU, but I thought maybe one of the other million followers could tell me. So I commented your recent picture and asked: “What happened to Tash and (…)?” To be honest I forgot his name now and I can’t find it on Instagram, because you blocked me. Yes, you blocked me (miichelle11111). Maybe this is rude, but believe me, I’m crying. Natasha Oakley is on top of my idols. She was that one woman, I always looked at her photos twice, three times and even more often. I LOVE her lifestyle, her looking and she seemed soo nice! When I’m learning for school, and this is an everyday struggle for me, I think of you, and I think of what you reached, what you archieved and of the way you live! This is my DREAM! To have a life like you. To BE like you. And now, can you imagine … can you imagine how hard it is for me to see, that my idol, my favourite person on instagram, my inspiration, my motivation blocks me?? This is a sign of: “I hate you, you are stupid, you are wrong etc..” This makes me cry. Because I can do anything against this. I am a horrible person. I am a loser. I get bad grades, although I’m trying to do better, I am fat, ugly as d*ck and depressed. With you, Natasha, it all got better. I hat a person to look up to, I had somebody to focus on during difficult times. And now, it all got worse again. It might really seem completely stupid, I can understand this. And I can understand if this comment is deleted. It might seem to be complete bullsh*t. But I just wanted to say this. I love you Natasha Oakley, you are the idol of so many young girls, and I am one of them. You made a 15 year old depressed girl happier then she was before. You made her smile when you posted pictures, you inspired her, motivated her to do something. But just by blocking someone, by blocking me, you hurt me. Really. And I have tears in my eyes, I do cry at the moment. Because: how can I go on fighting, if there is nobody to look up to? This is really rude, but when I can’t see your new pictures … I can’t be motivated any more.
    I’m sorry for asking what happened between you and this man. I am sorry. I didn’t know, I couldn’t know that I would be blocked, that you would be angry. That this makes me to a bad person. I am sorry Natasha.
    I wish you all a wonderful week. Keep following Natasha as long as possible, and be carfully with what you want to comment. You could lose something important. Natasha, I really like you, I still love you although you hurt me with blocking me (Oh this seems so stupid and exaggerated but it is the truth). I hope you enjoy your time …
    love, michelle

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