Devin and I are known for our photo shoots from beaches all around the world but this shoot on Tamarama Beach in Sydney shows us in a completely different light. We worked with an amazing team to create a beach couture editorial, swapping swimwear for sequin gowns and silk slips.
I am so excited to be sharing this shoot with you guys as it is one of my favorites yet. There was something so special about wearing these gorgeous garments on the beach at sunset. The beach is where Devin and I feel most at home and I’m so glad that these images convey that.

Thank you so much to the team, Emily, Max and Molly for creating this magical shoot.

Hair and makeup by Max May
Styling by Molly King
Photography by Emily Abay

BEACH COUTURE 2 tashdev_7BEACH COUTURE 3 tashdev_16tashdev_15tashdev_13   BEACH COUTUREtashdev_17 tashdev_19   BEACH COUTURE 4tashdev_9


  1. Please let me know how I can find the white fluffy dress that Devin is wearing. I’d like to purchase it for my destination wedding in February. Thanks so much!!

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