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This weekend I took advantage of one of the best parts of living in Europe by hoping on a plane and heading to Mallorca for a few days. I am so looking forward to all of the last minute, spur of the moment trips I know I will be taking as long as I am living in London…

I absolutely love than a one to two hour plane ride can take you to another country with its own language, culture and landscape and even though I arrived in Spain to a rather cloudy weekend (not my usual preference of weather as you would all know) I actually found the weather to be absolutely delightful and relaxing.

I have been to Mallorca before and had stayed in Palma but this time I chose a little town named Pollensa on the eastern end of the island. I wasn’t disappointed by my decision, Pollensa was a mix of beautiful rolling hills, vineyards and mountains and hidden turquoise blue water beaches and coves. It really was perfection.

I stayed at the Son Brull Hotel which was a very romantic old ministry nestled under a picturesque rock mountain. I would definitely recommend staying at this gorgeous little hotel.

Look 1:
Dress by Zimmermann
Shoes by Zimmermann
Gold Cuff’s by Celine
Hat and bag from Son Brull Hotel

Look 2:
Dress by SWF
Shoes by Zimmermann
Bag by Son Brull Hotel

Look 3:
Dress by Zimmermann
Shoes by Zimmermann
Gold cuff by Celine
Diamond Ring by Lauren Perez

Get my look

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natasha oakley

natasha oakley blog


natasha oakley blog

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  1. sruti says:

    You are so beautiful and an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing these beautiful looks I love them all xoxo

  2. Victoria Bonet says:

    Hey! I loved all your pictures from Mallorca, they are amazing! I live in Mallorca. Could you please tell me where can i find those places you went? It would be awesome. Thanks. Much love, xx

  3. Dot and Dutch says:

    simply beautiful, I stayed i

  4. Maddie says:

    Would love to go there, looks beautiful

  5. Bailey Schneider says:

    Absolutely ADORE the looks! Sending love from Cape Town, SA

  6. Dandy says:

    TASH, I am an English teacher from California and I just wanted to give you a tip. Write your blogs in a word doc rather than in the website itself, because the website dosent spellcheck for you. Most of your posts could use a little spell check, grammar, and punctuation. Great work! I only say this because of the thousands, or millions, that come through your site a day. Only the best. -Dandy

  7. Marquise Jones says:

    Great blog. I love the pics. Keep up the great work. Your Instagram is great also.

  8. Catherine says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. I have been following you for about 2 years now and I just can’t get enough. I hope that I can meet you one day and learn from you! You are absolutely awesome!

  9. alisha says:

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  10. TK.Fogbawah says:

    Sweetie I can very much relate to this scenery in so many ways in my reflection. Awesome you will have to take me there some day.

  11. islamic hotel says:

    Mallorca is a great city for the weekend. and your photos are fascinating.

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