I am back in France and, as per usual, feeling very “at home”. I needed my last dose of the European summer so for the next few weeks I will be spending time in what I think is the most beautiful part of the world ! My first stop, Nice.

   img_6907.jpg img_6908-3.jpg img_6912.jpg img_6883.jpg  img_6912-1.jpg img_6909-1.jpg img_6895.jpg img_6911.jpg img_6910-1.jpg


  1. Oh i love nice!!! My family and I have been there for so many years! Def the heart och the french riviera! Unfortually My boyfriend and i were there when the terror attack happened.. But we are Both okey, just a bit more scared of the world.. I really hopp you enjoy nice!! And make sure you visit ezé village!! Its so pretty to eat lunch there and watch all the flowers on their walls!!! LOTs of love from sweden!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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