1. Hey Natasha, Great photos! Who does your photos and do you know what camera and how they are edited? keep up the great work!
    James x

  2. Hey Tasha ,

    This isn’t regarding this post, but I couldn’t find one relevant. I’m looking to buy triangl products and worried about the sizing. I’ve used their own chat associates and have gotten different responses from three people. I feel like you have a small waist and large bottom like I do so figured I’d ask the Aussie bikini expert!!!.. I wear a 25 in shorts and 26 is pants because of my butt! Haha but what size do you wear in their tops in bottom? Much love.


  3. Hi Natasha,

    I would love to ask you a few questions regarding your diet and fitness regimen to include on my blog! Please let me know if I would be able to email you some ?s – I would really appreciate it.

    Christina @ Food is Life

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